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Welcome to the World Renewable Energy Congress / Network
Introduction to Renewable Energy

Med Green Forum Organisers
The world population in the year 2100 will be in excess of 12 billion. If the current trends in technological progress and innovation continue, the demand for energy then will be five times greater than what it is now. If we continue the policy of using coal, oil and gas at the present rate, then by the year 2020 the global temperature will have increased by two degrees Celsius. We do not need reminding of the adverse effects of this: the increased risk of flooding in lowland areas, the processes of desertification, and changing climate all over the world.

It is a known fact that at the present moment renewable energy contributes only 11% to our primary energy. If we intend to do something about our planet, to safeguard our future and to create a healthy environment for the generations to come, then we must all actively utilize renewable energy in our daily life. It is expected that 60% of all our energy will come from renewable energy by the year 2070. The sooner we employ the attitude that today is better than tomorrow, the greater the opportunity to increase this figure to 80%. The World Solar Summit, World Solar Decade and the World Bank have recently allocated over four billion dollars to projects dealing with renewable energy and the environment. This clearly demonstrates the importance of renewable energy as the new source of power for the future.

About the World Renewable Energy Congress / Network (WREC/WREN)

WREN is a major non-profit organization registered in the United Kingdom with charitable status and affiliated to UNESCO, the Deputy Director General of which is its honorary President. It has a Governing Council, an Executive Committee and a Director General. It maintains links with many United Nations, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Established in 1992 during the second World Renewable Energy Congress in Reading, UK, WREN is one of the most effective organizations in supporting and enhancing the utilisation and implementation of renewable energy sources that are both environmentally safe and economically sustainable. This is done through a worldwide network of agencies, laboratories, institututions, companies and individuals, all working together towards the international diffusion of renewable energy technologies and applications. Representing most countries in the world, it aims to promote the communication and technical education of scientists, engineers, technicians and managers in this field and to address itself to the energy needs of both developing and developed countries.

Over two billion dollars have now been allocated to projects dealing with renewable energy and the environment by the World Solar Summit and World Solar Decade along with the World Bank. This shows that at last the important message is being heard. The renewable energy community has exhibited a lot of courage, stamina and willpower, demonstrating renewable energy to be a viable energy provider. We should continue at a faster pace.

Global Activities of WREC/WREN

It is Saver and Healthier with Renewable Energy
The global activities of the World Renewable Energy Congress / Network encompass:
  • International congresses (World Renewable Energy Congress, WREC)
  • Regional meetings
  • Workshops on renewable energy topics
  • Competitions and awards promoting renewable energy
  • Journal publication "Renewable Energy"
  • Scientific publications
  • Targeted books and annual magazine
  • Newsletter

WREN New Journal in Renewable Energy and Sustainability
An International Journal

Expecting the New Journal in Renewable Energy Journal

World Renewable Energy Congress - 15, Jakarta, Indonesia, 19-24 September, 2016


This a World Renewable Energy Main Congress organized jointly with Indonesia Authority

> World Renewable Energy Congress - 15, Jakarta, Indonesia 2016
> Invited Speakers
> Invitation to Sponsors & Exhibitors
> Call for papers
World Renewable Energy Congress - WREC - 2016 Bahrain

WREC - Bahrain 3-8 December 2016

World Renewable Energy Congress - 17, in Jointly with Bahrain University, Kingdom of Bahrain

> Second Call for Abstract - Paper, World Renewable Energy Congress, 4-8 December, Bahrain
> Invited CV, photo and title
> Technical Committee
> Full Paper Format
> Registration Form
World Renewable Energy Congress - XVI


5-9 February 2017, Murdoch University, Western Australia, Perth

> World Renewable Energy Congress - XVI
Technical Committee - London Part

Experts & Scholars for the Techical Committee

The Committee is divided into two parts. One at the host country and another in the UJ

WREN Seminar in Britain No.92

July 24-30 2016 Old Ship Hotel, Brighton

Policy, Security, Electricity, Transport, Water Resources and the Built Environment

> Registration Form for the Seminar - No. 92


The World Renewable Energy Congress and Network created this Initiative to promote Sustainable Buildings and the Use of Renewable Energy in the Mediterranean Countries for more details go to our website under Med Green 2017

WREN International Seminar in Britain

WREN Annual Seminar 8-14 November 2015

November, Sunday 8 Saturday 14, 2015,
PUMA Old Ship Hotel, Brighton, UK
145 Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1NR, UK :
Tel: 44(0)1273-329001,
Policy, Security, Electricity, Transport, Water Resources and the Built

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