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Promoting Renewable Energy
World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC)
Activities 2011 - 2012

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WREN is a worldwide network of organizations promoting environmentally safe and economically sustainable renewable energy. WREN has been established to support and enhance the utilization and implementation of renewable energy sources; to further the communication and technical education and networking among scientists, engineers, technicians and managers in this field of renewable energy, climate change and global warming; and to address itself to the energy needs of both developing and developed countries. Both WREC & WREN were established in 1990.

> Complete Report 2011 - 2012
Mission Statement WREC XI, Abu Dhabi 2012

With the accelerated approach of the global climate-change point-of-no-return the need to address the pivotal role of renewable energy in the formation of coping strategies, rather than prevention, is more crucial than ever. Sustainability, green buildings, and the development of the large-scale renewable energy application and  industry must be at the top of all development, economic, financial and political agendas. The time for action has arrived. Prevention and questioning how and why we face this great challenge is a luxury we can no longer indulge. It is vital to focus on renewable energy sources in combination with more efficient use of energy and this must be addressed in all future energy-related strategic decisions. Knowledge of decision-making, economics, organization, rules and regulations, policy issues, political processes, and human actions and reactions is also crucial in energy-related issues in order to control these developments with the necessary conservation of energy resources and the environment and without significant impacts on the quality of life.

Purpose of WREC

At no time in modern history has energy played a more crucial role in the development and well being of nations than at present. The source and nature of energy, the security of supply and the equity of distribution, the environmental impact of its supply and utilization, are all crucial matters to be addressed by suppliers, consumers, governments, industry, academia, and financial institutions.

The World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC), a major recognised forum for networking between these sectors, addresses these issues through regular meetings and exhibitions, bringing together representatives of all those involved in the supply, distribution, consumption and development of energy sources which are benign, sustainable, accessible and economically viable. WREC enables policy makers, researchers, manufacturers, economists, financiers, sociologists, environmentalists and others to present their views in Plenary and Technical Sessions and to participate in discussions, both formal and informal, thus facilitating the transfer of knowledge between nations, institutions, disciplines and individuals. The World Renewable Energy Congress VIII in Denver, USA attended by more than a thousand participants, signalled the increasing importance of renewable energy, but much effort is still required to make it a major energy supplier.

REGIONAL World Renewable Energy Conferences

Reginal Meeting in Sharjah, UAE 2005
Members of the Council who would like to run a regional WREC conference for the benefit of their country and their region can do so providing:
  • It does not clash with other WREC meetings.
  • It will promote the area and encourage the use of renewable energy.
  • It is supported by the various technical and educational establishments of the country.
  • WREC and the member of Council in the country enter into a formal agreement, outlining the role and commitment of each side.
  • It is understood that WREC cannot carry out more than four regional meetings per year in years without a WREC Congress.
WREN is fully committed in helping its members to increase local awareness and implementation of renewable energy technologies. This is done by supporting the organization of workshops and seminars on a national or regional basis. Such activities may be co-sponsored by other bodies such as the British Council, European Commission, United Nations and local common interest groups. To date regional events have been held in the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. Lucia), the West Indies (Barbados, Jamaica), Guyana, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritius, Turkey, South Africa, Tunisia, Bahrain, Oman, Poland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, the UK, Australia, Lybia, the UAE and Taiwan. The next Regional Conference will be in Thailand in May 2009.

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WREC involvement in other national and international meetings

European PV Conference, Barcelona 2005
WREC/WREN also supports other Congresses and has participated in many renewable energy activities held around the globe. These include the Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC); the European Photovoltaic Solar Conferences; the NREL Photovoltaic Review Meetings; the UNESCO World Solar Summits; North Sun Conferences; World Energy Conferences; European Wind Energy Conferences; Passive and Low Energy Architecture Conferences; International Hydrogen Energy Conferences; International Solar Energy Society Conferences and several regional, national and international meetings.

> For an updated list of events see the Calendar of Events
> World Renewable Technology Conference
Hotel Accommodation

Kingston University Scenery

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World Renewable Energy Congress 13- WREC2014

WREC 2014

University of Kingston, London
3-8 August, 2014

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World Renewable Energy Congress - Australia - Report

Murdoch University 14-18 July 2013

Renwable Energy for Sustainable Development and Decarbonisation

> WREC - Australia 14-18 July 2013
World Renewable Energy Congress - Morocco

WREC - Morocco

Joined meeting between WREC - Morocco and Sustainability In Energy and Buildings SEBí13

> World Renewable Energy Congress - Morocco
Indonesia Final Report

Indonesia Final Report

Final Congress Report including the main congress outputs

> Final Report - Indonesia 2012
Sweden Congress 2011

May Congress

H R H Princess Victoria openned the Congress

> Sweden Congress Report
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