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Promoting Renewable Energy
Series Of Congresses - WREC 18 - Renewables & Sustainable Buildings are the best Solution for Climate Change

Mission Statement

Renewable energy is a fast growing industry – providing jobs for 6 million people globally and triggering annual investment of $300 billion world-wide. Renewables can drastically reduce dependence on energy imports and provide rapidly increasing contributions to urgently needed electricity demand globally. Renewables are the cornerstone and foundation of a truly sustainable energy future. Our mission is to promote enabling policies and to further develop a broad range of renewable energy technologies and applications in all sectors – for heating and cooling, agricultural applications, water desalination, industrial applications and for the transport sectors leading to A BETTER, CLEANER AND SAFER WORLD

World Renewable Energy Congress - 15, 19-23 September 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia - FINAL REPORT

Opening Session
World Renewable Energy Congress 15, Jakarta Convention Centre, Indonesia, 19 -23 September 2016 FINAL REPORT The Congress was sponsored by ISESCO, METI, Springer and some local organizations. There were 656 participants from 45 countries. It was held at the Jakarta Convention Centre a magnificent building in the centre, of Jakarta. Most of the foreign delegates stayed in the Sultan Hotel adjacent to the Convention Centre. See details

MED GREEN FORUM 4- 29 July to 2 August 2017

 This is Top Furum combining Renewable Energy with Buildings 

> MED GREEN FORUM - 4, 2017
World Renewable Energy Congress -19, GREEN COLOMBO


 Green Colombo is World Renewable Energy Congress -19, will be held in Hilton Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka: 29 September - 4 October, 2019. for more details contact: Mr Vidya Amarapala - Deputy Chairman of Congress, Council WREN Member:
Tel; +94 777700666, E:,


World Renewable Energy Congress - 19

Aerial View from Hilton COLOMBO


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World Renewable Energy Congress - WREC - 2018 London, UK

WREC - 18, July 30- August 3, 2018

This is WREN Eighteen World Congress and the second one at the University of Kingston, UK 30 July-3 August 2018.
WREN COUNCIL MEETING WILL BE ON Monday AFTERNOON 30 July 2018. The Congress Opening is on Tuesday Morning at 9:00 AM At the University Main Hall.

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