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World Renewable Energy Congress / Network

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WREN Constitution and Board
WREC/WREN Aims and Objectives

WREN is a non-profit UK company (reg. no. 1874667) limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, incorporated in 1990 as a registered charity (No. 1009879), with registered offices in England. The aims and objectives of WREC/WREN are as follows:
  1. Ensuring renewable energy takes its proper place in the sustainable supply and use of  energy for greatest benefit of all, taking due account of research requirements, energy efficiency, conservation, and cost criteria.
  2. Assisting and promoting the real local, regional and global environmental benefits of renewable energy.
  3. Promoting the innovation, diffusion and efficient application of economic renewable  energy technologies.
  4. Enhancing energy supply security without damage to the environment.
  5. Widening energy availability, especially in developing countries and rural areas.
  6. Promoting business opportunities for renewable energy projects and their successful implementation.
  7. Ensuring the financing of, and institutional support for, economic renewable energy projects.
  8. Encouraging improved information and education on renewable energy.
  9. Involving young people in information and education on renewable energy with a parallel, closely integrated programme.
  10. Providing a technical exhibition where manufacturers and others can display their products and services.
  11. Strengthen and expand the effectiveness of Networking among nations, institutions, agencies, organizations and individuals in research, application, commercialization and education of renewable energy technology.
  12. Providing a forum within which participants voice their achievement and thought at various parts of the world.

Director General of WREN, Editor in Chief for the Journal and Congress Chairman

Prof Ali Sayigh
WREN, PO Box 362, Brighton BN2 1YH, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1273 625 643 Fax: + 44 (0)1273 625 768

WREN Trustees
  • Mr Martin Alder
  • Mr Hugh Lockhard-Ball
  • Mr Ken Stratton
  • Dr Donald Swift-Hook

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